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Followers Growth is the #1 choice for real, genuine Instagram growth. We pride ourselves in being the most powerful organic Instagram growth service available. Get real exposure and real followers that actually engage with your content.

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Your account will be completely safe and we give you a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you have not seen any growth! Our clients usually start seeing growth within the first 3 days. Ranges of followers gained are between 800 and 6000 a month depending on your activity and quality of content (we can’t promise you exact numbers since we are not a fake followers providing service).

Yes, we are that confident that you will grow and be blown away by the results, simply because we have not had a single dissatisfied customer! With the correct social media strategies we have helped hundreds of accounts just like you to get to 5 or even 6 digits follower numbers! We pride ourselves in being the best and safest organic Instagram growing service provider in the world.


Upon a successful sign up, you’ll be taken to our account submission form where you’ll enter target details. You’ll tell us about your account, goals, and the niche you’re looking to target!

Don’t forget to tell us your city as well so that we can target local accounts that are crucial for your growth as well!


When a message pops up on your Instagram app asking you to verify it that was you, click “That was me.” Also, make sure that your two-factor authentification is set to “off”.

We will start doing research and setting up your account for success right away! You do not have to do anything else after the previous step.


We will start engaging with other targeted Instagram users’ content right away. We will like and follow/unfollow on your behalf while you are going on with your and using your app like you did before.

Due to the quality methods that we use, you will start seeing an increase in growth immediately after your account is set up and running. Enjoy your extra free time while we do all of the heavy lifting for you!


You do not have to worry about liking pictures, following/unfollowing accounts anymore. Enjoy your time while our account managers do the hard work for you.

You are going to receive real targeted followers that actually engage with your content and increase your credibility online.


Take a look at what happy customers are saying after using our services for at least a month.


Best Instagram Growth Service

I am blown away by the quality and effectiveness of Followers Growth! They have helped me to zoom past 40K followers mark on my car page and they are the only service that my company uses to manage accounts for other companies and individuals. Some of them we were able to grow from 0 followers to 5K followers in a matter of a month!

Ignas, BroadSpec Consulting.


It used to be draining to like hundreds of pictures each day. Since signing up with Followers Growth service I am able to enjoy my free time a lot more since I do not have to constantly be on Instagram. At first I was skeptical about it but after a few months I have a peace of mind knowing that these guys stand strong by what they advertised. My account has been growing 4x faster than ever, I get new followers and likes even when I'm sleeping!

Mark, Motivational Speaker.


I have signed up for Followers Growth service because I wanted to grow my account as a fashion blogger. I started seeing results the same day after the sign up was completed! After Instagram kept changing the ways it showed my posts to my audience, my growth had stalled for months. After Followers Growth was put to work, I started growing on average at around 100 new followers each day.

Jess, Fashion Blogger.


Followers Growth has really boosted the engagement that I am receiving on my posts. They work 24/7 engaging with content so that I do not have to. My growth has increased significantly allowing me to finally reach 10K followers!

Dorian, Influencer.


How Does It Work?

Unlike our competitors, we don’t sell you fake followers. We’ve spent years developing specialized marketing techniques to help you see real, targeted results. Our service is hands free and requires absolutely no work from your end. Just connect your account and watch your account grow.

Am I Going To Get Banned By Instagram?

To answer in short, NO. We take every precaution necessary to make sure that your account is safe. We have never had a single account banned.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we do not exceed Instagram’s limits on how many posts and accounts you can engage in each day. We do not overload the bandwidth by sending out massive amounts of requests through Instagram’s API like other companies that use bots do.

Are The Followers Real?

The followers that you will be getting will be 100% real. We interact with other accounts on your behalf and will NEVER send any fake followers to your account. We strongly believe in organic growth, especially since we have proven time and time again that our customers will grow fast by acquiring very targeted real audience.

How Do I Know That You Will Not Steal My Information And Run Away?

Believe it or not, we do receive questions like this. We are a digital marketing agency, any wrong doing to any of our customers could destroy our reputation. We would never try to “hack” your Instagram account, nor would we ever share any of your information with third parties. We pride ourselves on professionalism and are here for the long run. Your information is completely safe with us.

What If I Have Previously Bought Followers?

If you have previously purchased fake followers, we can still help to off-set the daily losses that you are experiencing. We have successfully reversed the losses on quite a few of our customer accounts who purchased followers to gain social proof at the beginning but later on started losing them since Instagram is cleaning up rapidly.

How Much Should I Expect My Account To Grow Once Signed Up?

This questions is the hardest one to answer. While we do bring a lot of quality traffic to your page, the numbers for growth vary from account to account. Here are some variables to take into consideration:

  • Are you posting regularly? Accounts that are active, gain the most.
  • Are your posts high quality and engaging? If so, our service could easily double the gains that you are experiencing at the moment.
  • Have you bought any followers in the past and are losing them now? Reversing the downward growth slope is not an easy task but we have done it every time we handled a case as such. You will offset your losses and eventually start growing.

Our customers can see growth of their Instagram accounts in a range of 800-6000 followers per month (depending on variables mentioned above).

Why don't you show usernames of your clients?

We value our customers’ privacy and we will never disclose any information about you or our other customers to anyone. Us not showing any usernames of our clients means that no one will ever know that you are using our services either, but you. We like to consider ourselves as “stealth growth helpers.”

Followers Growth

Our services will help you grow your Instagram account and turn you into an Instagram Celebrity by using the most advanced marketing techniques. We stay tuned with Instagram algorithm changes, so that you don’t have to.

Your time is very valuable, and you should not be spending countless hours liking pictures and videos on Instagram. We can do it for you so that you can go on with your day and do the things that matter to you!

No fake followers! Yes, absolutely no fake followers, all of your growth will be accomplished by organic engagement with other accounts through your page.

Start your ACCOUNT GROWTH now!

Just fill out the form and we will handle the rest. Once you fill in the form and complete the payment we will setup everything and will let you know that we are starting. You will aways be able to chat with us and change parameters and niches.

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Most advanced growth methods that include reposting from other accounts as well as detailed reports of your growth.

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